This is ICQ chat.

All nighter
by Leto

**** Thundershock enters the chat ****
**** Mermaid enters the chat ****
**** Pokemon Master enters the chat ****
< Mermaid> Hahah, nice handle, Ash.
< Pokemon Master> :)
< Mermaid> That's called 'wishful thinking', isn't it?
< Pokemon Master> :(
< Mermaid> I invited Brock.
< Mermaid> He should be here in a minute.
< Mermaid> I'm still waiting for him to respond.
< Mermaid> Ash, you there?
< Pokemon Master> ok
< Mermaid> Geez Ash, learn to type faster!
< Mermaid> I can type ten times as fast as you can.
< Mermaid> And then I sit here bored while I'm waiting for you to reply.
< Pokemon Master> sorree. i didn't go to school, u know
< Mermaid> Yeah, well neither did I.
**** Buff enters the chat ****
< Mermaid> Hey Brock. Finally!
< Buff>
< Buff> Hi Misty.
< Buff>
< Mermaid> No prizes for guessing who Pokemon Master is.
< Buff>
< Buff> Hi Ash.
< Buff>
< Mermaid> The master of slow typing himself.
< Pokemon Master> hi
< Buff>
< Buff> *lol*
< Buff>
< Mermaid> Brock, go into IRC style, would you? You keep hitting enter.
< Buff>
< Buff> Sorry.
< Buff>
< Pokemon Master> shut up misty
< Mermaid> Hah, took you long enough.
< Mermaid> Brock, GO INTO IRC STYLE!
< Buff>
< Buff> How?
< Buff>
< Mermaid> Layout menu.
< Buff>
< Buff> Where?
< Buff>
< Mermaid> GAH!
< Buff>
< Buff> Never mind, found it. What's that honking noise?
< Mermaid> *hits head against wall, or control-G as it were*
< Pokemon Master> control g?
< Mermaid> Shouldn't have said that...
< Buff> That'll do now.
< Mermaid> Shut up, Ash!
< Pokemon Master> heheheh.
< Buff> ASH!
< Mermaid> STOP BEEPING!
< Mermaid> Alright, that's it.
< Buff> I'm for!
User Pokemon Master has left the chat
< Mermaid> Hah, that'll teach him.
< Buff> Gotta love the 'kick' option. :)
< Mermaid> Heh, I agree.
< Mermaid> So 'Buff', I just love these handles.
< Buff> :)
< Mermaid> Oh great, Ash is bugging me for a reinvite.
< Buff> Think he's learned his lesson?
< Mermaid> No, but I'll never hear the end of it if we don't let him back.
< Buff> Hah.
< Mermaid> I'm turning the sound off my computer this time.
**** Pokemon Master enters the chat ****
< Pokemon Master> thanks a lot guys
< Buff> Good idea.
< Pokemon Master> whats a good idea??
< Buff> Oh, nothing.
< Mermaid> :)
< Buff> So, nice weather we've been having, huh?
< Mermaid> Yup, pouring with rain, just fantastic.
< Buff> We might get a warm change later this week.
< Pokemon Master> u guys r mean :(
**** Hotchick enters the chat ****
**** Flame enters the chat ****
< Pokemon Master> oh great who invitted those guys?!
< Flame> Prepare for trouble!
< Hotchick> Make it double!
< Buff> Hotchick? Helloooo gorgeous.
< Hotchick> Hello. :)
< Mermaid> Uh, Brock, do you realise who that is?
< Buff> Huh, who?
< Mermaid> Check his user info.
< Buff> HIS?!
< Buff> Hang on, Hotchick, I'm putting you on my user list.
< Hotchick> ok
< Pokemon Master> hahaha
< Buff> WHA?!
< Buff> James, what's with the handle?
< Hotchick> Don't you like it? :)
< Buff> Ugh...
< Flame> Everyone, stop ignoring me!
< Mermaid> Who invited you two?
< Buff> I didn't.
< Pokemon Master> i didn't
< Mermaid> That's really weird. You two aren't even on my user list.
< Buff> Ditto.
< Pokemon Master> me 2
< Flame> A secret is a secret.
< Hotchick> Hahah, I love hacks.
< Mermaid> You're a hacker?
< Hotchick> :)
< Mermaid> How on earth can you get into a chat you don't even have the user names for?
< Flame> Give us Pikachu.
< Pokemon Master> ok
< Buff> What?
< Pokemon Master> hang on, ill put u on my list
< Flame> Okay.
< Flame> *waiting*
< Flame> ICQ is so slow today!
< Buff> I know what you mean.
< Pokemon Master> ok?
< Flame> Yup.
< Flame> It's coming through.
< Mermaid> What is?
< Flame> pikachu.gif
< Buff> Oi... ^_^;
< Flame> Ooh! It's so cute!
< Flame> *makes it her wallpaper*
< Flame> James, we've finally got Pikachu!
< Hotchick> You have, I haven't.
< Pokemon Master> hang on a sec
< Mermaid> This conversation is weird. -_-;
**** Gold Coin Cat enters the chat ****
< Gold Coin Cat> Meowth!
< Pokemon Master> aaaaah!
< Mermaid> *cringes*
< Mermaid> Oh great, looks like the whole gang is here.
< Gold Coin Cat> Who is every1?
< Pokemon Master> cut it out meowth!
< Flame> You know me and James.
< Gold Coin Cat> Unfortunately.
< Hotchick> Ash is Pokemon Master.
< Gold Coin Cat> Ha!
< Mermaid> CHANGE YOUR FONT COLOUR! That gold is really hard to read!
< Pokemon Master> ditto here
< Buff> I'm Brock.
< Gold Coin Cat> Double ha!
< Mermaid> Don't you dare make any cracks about my name.
< Hotchick> She's Misty.
< Gold Coin Cat> What's that beeping noise?
< Mermaid> Dunno, I've got my sound off. Probably Ash again.
< Gold Coin Cat> Shut up!
< Pokemon Master> not until you change youre font
< Buff> Hmm.
< Gold Coin Cat> I wont! *turns sound off too*
< Flame> SHUT UP ASH! Meowth, just change the font already!
< Gold Coin Cat> ha
< Hotchick> Why don't you turn your sound off?
< Flame> I'm downloading a sound clip of Pikachu and I wanna hear it.
< Mermaid> Why're you so obsessed with Pikachu?
< Hotchick> It's soooo cute!
< Mermaid> Uh huh...
< Flame> Oh great! I missed the clip! Meowth, that's your fault!
< Gold Coin Cat> Not my fault he's imitating a foghorn.
< Buff> How come you're a cat and can spell better than Ash?
< Mermaid> About time...
< Hotchick> I'm in, that font colour is painful.
< Pokemon Master> good call, jessi
User Gold Coin Cat has left the chat
< Flame> It was a unanimous decision. :)
< Mermaid> I'm not surprised. -_-;
< Pokemon Master> hey dont pick on me brock!
< Buff> Why do all chats degenerate into this?
< Buff> Oh, sorry Ash. :)
< Flame> Ash, do you have any more Pokemon files?
< Hotchick> We've been surfing the 'net for hours and I think we've got most of them.
< Mermaid> Do you want the cool Find Kasumi game? :)
< Flame> No thanks. ^_^;
< Mermaid> HEY!
**** REAL Pokemon Master enters the chat ****
< Pokemon Master> whos that?
< REAL Pokemon Master> Hah, you've got a lame handle, loser.
< Mermaid> I suspect Gary.
< Hotchick> Yeah, it's Gary.
< REAL Pokemon Master> What're you doing online at 2 in the morning, you dork?
< Pokemon Master> hey shutup
< Flame> Hey Gary, got any good Pokemon files?
< REAL Pokemon Master> Yeah, sure, hang on a sec.
< Flame> Okay.
< Pokemon Master> ha what r U doing on now?
< REAL Pokemon Master> I'm in a REALLY hot chat. ^_-
< Mermaid> Yeah right.
< Buff> Oooh, invite me!
< Hotchick> Me too!
< Buff> But you're posing as a girl at the moment.
< Hotchick> Shh! They don't have to know that.
< Buff> -_-;
< Pokemon Master> who invited the lozer in this chat neway?
< Flame> Not me.
< Hotchick> Not me.
< Buff> Not me.
< Mermaid> Not me.
< Pokemon Master> this is weird
< Flame> WHA?!
< Buff> What's wrong?
< Flame> Gary, are you sure you sent me the right file?
< REAL Pokemon Master> What's it a picture of?
< Flame> It seems to be one of your cheerleaders.
< Flame> The one with blue hair.
< Flame> She doesn't seem to be wearing much.
< Flame> In fact...
< REAL Pokemon Master> Okay okay, don't elaborate. I'll send you the right file.
< Flame> Thanks.
< REAL Pokemon Master> Sorry 'bout that.
< Flame> -_-;
< Buff> Can I have a copy of that file?
< Mermaid> *sighs*
< Pokemon Master> haha, gary is a lozer
< REAL Pokemon Master> Get off the computer, you idiot.
< REAL Pokemon Master> Or learn to type.
< Mermaid> Hah, that's what I said. ^_^
< REAL Pokemon Master> :)
< REAL Pokemon Master> So Misty, what's your starsign?
< Mermaid> Uh, Pisces.
< Mermaid> Why?
< Buff> Like anyone's surprised at *that* starsign. ^_^.
< REAL Pokemon Master> Hey, our starsigns are compatible!
< Hotchick> *watches conversation with interest*
< Mermaid> I'm not sure I like where this is heading.
< REAL Pokemon Master> What are you doing this weekend?
< Pokemon Master> hey shutup gary!
< Mermaid> I have to wash my hair.
< REAL Pokemon Master> All weekend?
< Mermaid> Uh... yes.
< REAL Pokemon Master> May I join you? :)
< Flame> *lol at the file Gary sent*
< Mermaid> Join me where?
< Flame> That is one weird looking pic of Ash. :)
< REAL Pokemon Master> In the shower, of course.
< Buff> 0.o
< Hotchick> *starts laughing*
< Buff> Even I'm not quite that direct.
< Pokemon Master> gary youre sick
User REAL Pokemon Master has left the chat
< Hotchick> Hey, I didn't think he should've been kicked!
< Flame> Everyone else did, I bet. That pic he sent me of his cheerleader was REALLY disturbing.
< Pokemon Master> huh garys just a lozer
< Hotchick> Hey, what happened to Meowth?
< Mermaid> He got kicked, like Gary just did. *eg*
< Hotchick> Yeah, but he's not nagging me for a reinvite like he usually does.
< Flame> Probably his computer crashed.
**** Bikini Lady enters the chat ****
< Mermaid> Uh, hello, do I know you?
< Mermaid> Who invited her?
< Buff> Not me. But on behalf of everyone here, I'd like to welcome you to the chatroom.
< Flame> Not me.
< Hotchick> (Here we go again.) Not me.
< Pokemon Master> not me
< Buff> Bikini Lady, age/height/weight?
< Bikini Lady> Ash Ketchum, what are you doing up at this ridiculous hour? You go to bed right now young man!
< Flame> *lol*
< Pokemon Master> mom?!!
< Bikini Lady> Brock, I'm not telling you that!
< Bikini Lady> Yes. You shouldn't be online at this hour.
< Pokemon Master> whats with the handle?!!
< Mermaid> ...
< Hotchick> Wish MY mother was like this. *lol*
< Bikini Lady> Oh dear, I thought I changed my handle. ^_^;
< Mermaid> I'm scared.
< Pokemon Master> mom what are U doing on at this hour
< Bikini Lady> I got invited here to make you get offline.
< Flame> Hey me too, I got invited so that Ash would want to go offline.
< Hotchick> Me too, I got invited so Ash wouldn't want to stay online.
< Mermaid> Meowth and Gary probably had the same thing.
< Flame> Heh, similar posts.
< Hotchick> :)
< Pokemon Master> y cant i be online l8?? every1 else is
< Bikini Lady> Don't talk back to me, young man! You do as I say and log off right now!
< Pokemon Master> awww
< Bikini Lady> ASH!
< Hotchick> *lol*
User Pokemon Master has left the chat
User Bikini Lady has left the chat
< Buff> Bikini Lady, don't go!
< Buff> Aw great.
< Mermaid> Well, I should probably go too.
< Buff> Ditto.
< Mermaid> Pikachu did ask Ash to take it to see the electric Pokemon festival tomorrow morning.
< Buff> You mean today.
< Mermaid> Oh yeah.
< Flame> When does it start?
< Mermaid> 9, I think.
< Hotchick> Perfect! We'll be there!
< Flame> Pikachu will be ours at last!
< Buff> Shouldn't have told them all that, Misty. ^_^;
< Mermaid> Oh well, gotta go.
< Buff> Yeah, seeya guys.
< Flame> Bye!
< Hotchick> :(
User Mermaid has left the chat
< Hotchick> Don't go.
User Buff has left the chat
< Hotchick> Bye!
< Flame> Great timing, James. ^_^;
< Hotchick> We'd better go too if we wanna hit that festival later.
< Flame> Alright. G'night James!
< Hotchick> :)
User Flame has left the chat
< Hotchick> Bye.
< Hotchick> Darn, lousy timing again.
< Hotchick> I'll just sit here talking to myself again, shll I?
< Hotchick> Lalala.
< Hotchick> Hang on, if I'm the last person in the chatroom, shouldn't this room be disappearing?
< Hotchick> The title bar says someone else is in here.
< Hotchick> Huh?
< Hotchick> Were you the one who kept inviting people Ash hates in here?
< Hotchick> *waiting...*
< Hotchick> Answer me!
User Thundershock has left the chat

Last user has left chat


Pikachu rubbed its paws together happily, and blinked, a little tired. It logged off and started shutting down the computer.

It was glad it had finally succeeded in prying his trainer away.

Ash was hard enough to wake up in the mornings as it was.

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